A Cooper Ladies League
Abbies Afternoon Division 2
Acorns Early Evening Division 2
Aghans Morning League Division 1
Algeorge Afternoon Division 1
Alsatians Morning League Division 2
Anything Goes Early Evening Division 3
B Deaton Ladies League
B Hurst Ladies League
B Windsor Ladies League
Barneys Morning League Division 1
Bassetts Morning League Division 3
Beagles Morning League Division 3
Beeteam Early Evening Division 3
Berks Lunchtime
Black Beauty Early Evening Division 2
Blackbirds Early Evening Division 2
Blenheims Sunday Morning 10.00
Bowl Its Afternoon Division 1
Brunnians Afternoon Division 4
Cambs Lunchtime
Canberras Sunday Morning 10.00
Catch Ups Afternoon Division 2
Cavaliers Morning League Division 2
Cessnas Sunday Morning 10.00
Chestnuts Afternoon Division 2
Chihuahuas Morning League Division 1
Comedians Afternoon Division 1
Concorde Sunday Morning 10.00
Contenders Early Evening Division 2
Corgis Morning League Division 3
Corvette Early Evening Division 2
Crackerjacks Early Evening Division 1
Crowland Magpies Early Evening Division 3
Crows Teatime Thursday 16.20
Dakotas Sunday Morning 10.00
Deepings Afternoon Division 3
Diamonds Afternoon Division 3
Dualcarriage Afternoon Division 1
Flinders Early Evening Division 1
Foxhounds Morning League Division 3
Frisbys Morning League Division 3
Fuchsia Afternoon Division 1
Goldfinches Teatime Thursday 16.20
GOS Poachers Early Evening Division 2
Great Danes Morning League Division 2
Greyhounds Morning League Division 3
GUS Afternoon Division 1
Harriers Early Evening Division 1
Harriers Afternoon Division 3
Herewards Afternoon Division 3
Hounddogs Morning League Division 1
Hurricanes Sunday Morning 10.00
If Only Early Evening Division 3
If Only Morning League Division 3
Incredibowls Early Evening Division 3
J Hicks Ladies League
J Horner Ladies League
J Jackson Ladies League
J Sinclair Ladies League
Jackdaws Afternoon Division 4
Joggers Afternoon Division 2
Kestrels Teatime Thursday 16.20
L Drawbridge Ladies League
Labradors Morning League Division 2
Ladybirds Early Evening Division 1
Last Gasp Afternoon Division 3
Lincolns Sunday Morning 10.00
Lincs Lunchtime
Little Johns Afternoon Division 3
Loners Afternoon Division 1
Lurchers Morning League Division 1
Lysanders Sunday Morning 10.00
M Belding Ladies League
Maltese Morning League Division 2
Mat-adores Afternoon Division 4
Matchmakers Afternoon Division 4
Middlesex Lunchtime
Midges Morning League Division 2
Midges Afternoon Division 2
Midges Sunday Morning 10.00
Mixtures Early Evening Division 3
Mongrels Morning League Division 1
National Velvet Early Evening Division 2
Niblicks Afternoon Division 1
Nightingales Teatime Thursday 16.20
Norfolk Lunchtime
Notts Lunchtime
Nuborn Afternoon Division 2
Orchids Afternoon Division 2
Orchids Early Evening Division 1
P O'Brien Ladies League
Pebbles Early Evening Division 1
Pegasus Early Evening Division 3
Pennies Afternoon Division 1
Pintas Early Evening Division 1
Pointers Morning League Division 3
Pomeranian Morning League Division 2
Pommies Morning League Division 1
Pompey Boys Lunchtime
Postland Afternoon Division 3
Priories Afternoon Division 1
Puffins Afternoon Division 2
Puffins Teatime Thursday 16.20
Quo Vadis Afternoon Division 4
Red Five Afternoon Division 4
Robins Teatime Thursday 16.20
S & C Early Evening Division 1
Scotties Morning League Division 1
Shires Afternoon Division 3
Spaniels Morning League Division 2
Spinone Morning League Division 3
Spitfires Sunday Morning 10.00
Springers Morning League Division 2
Star Afternoon Division 4
Strollers Early Evening Division 1
Suffolk Lunchtime
Surrey Lunchtime
Swallows Teatime Thursday 16.20
Swallows Court Afternoon Division 1
Swifts Early Evening Division 3
Swifts Sunday Morning 10.00
Swifts Teatime Thursday 16.20
Terriers Morning League Division 1
Terriers2 Morning League Division 3
The Afternoon Trucker Afternoon Division 3
The Bowling Stones Early Evening Division 2
The Chicks Early Evening Division 1
The Firing Squad Early Evening Division 2
The Hopefuls Afternoon Division 4
The Hopefuls Early Evening Division 3
The Imps Early Evening Division 3
The Leaves Morning League Division 1
The Truckers Morning League Division 2
Toffees Early Evening Division 1
Townies Afternoon Division 2
Triads Afternoon Division 1
Tridents Sunday Morning 10.00
Triple X Afternoon Division 4
Turnarounds Early Evening Division 1
Univeginators Early Evening Division 3
V Elms Ladies League
Wallabies Afternoon Division 3
Westies Morning League Division 1
Whippets Morning League Division 1
White Tigers Early Evening Division 2
Willows Afternoon Division 4
Wise Owls Afternoon Division 3
Woodcutters Teatime Thursday 16.20
Woodpeckers Teatime Thursday 16.20
Yellow Bellies Afternoon Division 2
Yorkies Morning League Division 3